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Champagne Grand Cru Selection No 1

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Selection of 3 Different Grand Cru Champagnes Only £93.95 Usual Price £98.95


Champagne No 1. Champagne Arnaud Moreau Brut Rosé Grand Cru


The bubbles have a nice finesse. The nose is discreet.

The beginning of the mouth is very likeable and immediately brings to mind a basket of red fruits.

The palate reveals much more expression than the nose. It is rich of full flavours.

This dainty side is a treat for those who have a slightly sweet tooth.

The juice is full and ripe, but not exuberant.

With very light acidity on the final offering, freshness necessary to balance.

70%Pinot Noir (including 10% red wine from Bouzy)


Sugar: 12g/ltr


Champagne No 2: Champagne Secondé Simon Cuvée Nicolas


The Nicolas wine is the first Vintage of Champagne Secondé Simon.

The wine has a significant share of Pinot Noir to give it body, but also Chardonnay which brings freshness and allows to highlight the red berries of Pinot Noir.

The wine is representative of their vines. it is for over four generations of identity of the House of Champagne Secondé-Simon.

Its unique flavour comes from a reserve wine by giving it advanced aromas and continues as each year with their homemade taste.

The same of the wine, it is named after the son of the house, today a recognised oenologist who travels the world to benifit the growers of his expertise in the field of sparkling wines.

Blend: 75% Pinot Noir & 25% Chardonnay


Champagne No 3. Champagne Lamiable Brut Grand Cru


This wine is resulting mainly from grapes from the 2013 harvests, and about 20% reserve wine.The Grapes of this Champagne come exclusively from the soils of Bouzy and Tours Sur Marne.

Appearance: Brilliant colour with gold reflections. The fine bubbles offer a beautiful foam.

Palate: A fruity Champagne with tastes of small red fruits (raspberry, blackcurrant, and cherry plum & quince flavours).

Blend: 60% Pinor Noir and 40% Chardonnay

Sugar: 8g/l

A lovely Champagne for an aperitif and with light and fine cooked dishes.

Ageing in the cellars: 24 months





Details Champagne Arnaud Moreau Brut Rosé  75cl Champagne Secondé Simon Cuvée Nicolas 75cl Champagne Lamiable Brut Grand Cru 75cl

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