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Champagne of the Month December

  • £37.80


Champagne Vollereaux Cuvée Marguerite Vintage 2008


10% Discount on Each Bottle of Champagne Vollereaux  Cuvée Marguerite Vintage 2008 for December Only £37.80  (Usual Price £42.00)


The tumpultuous effervescence maintains an attractive string of bubbles. The Robe is light yellow with golden reflections.

The nose is of great finess. It reveals aromas of peach syrup, and very delicious aromas (salted butter caramels) to finally flourish towards floral (Orange Blossom) and Bergamot.

The mouth is rich and full.

After a round and generous introduction, this vintage wine 2008 keeps an incredible freshness.

The balance of the flavours, and the elegance of the aromas, confer to this vintage a very beautiful harmony.

As an aperitif, this Champagne can accompany crispy sesame seed crackers or a meal of white fish.

75% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Noir

Sugar: 9 g/l

Ageing time on the lees: 6 years

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