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Champagne Arnaud Moreau Arrakis Brut Zero

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Arrakis Brut Zero - Grand Cru


Aroma: Complex nose with great aromatic freshness., exhaling delicate notes of flowers and freshly picked fruits.

Palate: The mouth is a pure taste sensation, a real thrill for the taste buds.

Fine and elegant it appears clear, sharp and long with a slight bitterness ground cover.

The set is nervous and energetic with wonderful acidity, perfect carrier for flavours of plum, lemon and orange zest.

This Champagne has a strong personality with sleek style.

70% Pinot Noir & 30%Chardonnay

Bottled in 2009.

Dosage: 0% (No added Sugar)


Details Grand Cru Region: Bouzy Size: 75cl

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