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In Epernay, Reims and the surrounding areas of the Champagne Region of France, there are hundreds of Hectares of grape vines, many which are owned by small family farmers who work perilously day after day at the mercy of the weather to grow and cultivate the grapes to make a living for their families.

Generations of local farmers, who have grown up learning how to work on the vines and get the best from their harvest, produce excellent superior champagne.

All the work is carried out by just a few people, all the way through the process from planting to bottling.

Much care is taken to make their champagne so special.

Their champagne is easily available to drink in France in the restaurants and bars,  but because they are only small businesses, until now they have not been able to Export their champagne to the UK, because of the strict legislation and import laws we have here in the UK.

That's where Gémeaux comes in.  We specialise in bringing these family produced champagnes into England for us all to try.

We hope you enjoy drinking them as much as we do.